Voronezh Oblast boasts a favorable geopolitical position

National transport significance of the Voronezh Oblast is that it is located at the intersection of "North - South" and "East – West" transport corridors, and its importance will only increase with the growth of business activity in the south of Russia, including the preparation and holding winter Olympic Games. There are rich possibilities of cross-border cooperation, since the Voronezh Oblast borders with Ukraine.




On the sunny south coast of England, just one hour from London and yet a world away, is Hampshire. The home of England’s ancient capital and just as economically important today.  
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The UK is one of the leading business locations in the world and the number 1 destination for inward investment (FDI) in Europe.

Located on the UK's south coast, within an hour from London and well-connected to Europe and the world, Hampshire offers world-class research facilities, a highly skilled workforce and an outstanding quality of life.



Hampshire is a first-class location. A key element to Charters' service is our team’s detailed knowledge of the areas in which they live and work. Every member of the Charters' team has in-depth knowledge of the lifestyle benefits afforded by each locality and is well placed to guide and advise purchasers from Hampshire and further afield.

The Charters' way of doing business involves a carefully targeted approach which takes work patterns, schooling, leisure interests and other lifestyle needs into consideration.


Voronezhselmash is a Russian company that produces grain-cleaning machinery, silo equipment, arch hangars and optical grain sorters (colour sorters). The company is home to the successful centre for technological competence in additive manufacturing. One of the company’s innovations is state-of-the-art Russian 3D printers.


A 3D printer suitable for educational and home purposes can be obtained via the company’s website. This uses fused deposition modelling and has a printing speed of 4-8mm per minute; it will allow you to print simple but durable components suitable for everyday use.


Since 2002 the Voronezhselmash management team has been led by Grigory Chuiko. A complex programme for the company’s economic recovery and the modernisation of its production is being carried through under his sensitive leadership.